The Interventional Radiologist’s Digital Marketing Catheter

Interventional Radiologist Digital Marketing with PromoteMedIn the field of healthcare, interventional radiology completely changed the game, revolutionizing the way we treat a multitude of diseases, and greatly reducing the number of surgical procedures necessary to prevent life-threatening emergencies. In a similar, albeit less life-saving, vein, the internet has changed the way that physicians and practices engage with their patients, as well as how patients seek out the health information they need. With the surge in the mobile web and constant connectivity, patients are able to research health information almost instantaneously, and over 70% of American adults use the internet as their first stop. All of this provides vascular and surgical radiology practices with a golden opportunity to provide that information and greatly increase their patient engagement capabilities outside of the office. All it takes is the right digital marketing strategy, and for that, there is PromoteMed.

Helping Your Vascular Information Flow to Your Patients’ Screens

An expert team of healthcare digital marketing specialists, PromoteMed is committed to helping the interventional radiologist and practitioners of all specialties bolster online patient engagement and expand their consumer base with proven digital marketing solutions. Prominent radiologists correctly argue that providing information about vascular diseases such as peripheral arterial disease is one of the best ways to market your practice, and PromoteMed’s strategies act like a catheter, helping your online information flow intentionally to your patient’s monitors and screens. We tailor our solutions to your practice’s individual goals and needs, while centering our efforts around four main areas:

  • Online Advertising– Spreading the word of your interventional radiology practice throughout the web.
  • Content Marketing– Crafting compelling and informational content to engage your patient base.
  • Reputation Management– Building your digital presence by leveraging patient testimonials and social media
  • Local Search Optimization– Making your practice prominent in local vascular and radiological searches

We understand that for the private radiology practice, investing your hard-earned money is not an easy decision, and at PromoteMed we are dedicated to maximizing the return on your investment.  While big budget hospitals may have entire departments of professionals and piles of money dedicated to digital marketing, PromoteMed works to deliver digital marketing success to private practices and community facilities at a fraction of the price. We are constantly studying digital trends and honing our data-driven solutions all to ensure that you show up alongside and ahead of the larger budget hospitals and your expertise is known to the patients that need it.

PromoteMed: A Golden Opportunity for the Interventional Radiologist

Much like the interventional radiologist specializes in using the least invasive methods to work life-saving solutions for long-term patient health, and PromoteMed stands ready to do the same for your practice’s future success. We invite you to get in touch with us, and ask us all the questions you may have. We look forward to hearing the vision you have for your practice and using that vision to develop the ideal strategy to connect with your patients and bring them to you. Here at PromoteMed we will focus on your digital marketing strategy, so you can spend your time where you want, focusing on your patients’ vascular needs.

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