Maximizing Patient Engagement for ASCs and Outpatient Surgeons with PromoteMed

Digital Marketing for ASCs and Outpatient Surgeons with PromoteMedSurgery is a word that tends to send shivers down the spines of most people, yet outpatient surgery is increasingly common and far less scary for today’s patients. The rise of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) has created a rapidly growing number of same-day surgical procedures that don’t require hospitalization at all. Yet the challenge has remained for ambulatory surgeons to remove the scary stigma, surrounding surgery, which can keep patients from undergoing the necessary treatment at their facilities. It is critical for ASCs to engage their patients and educate them to help allay those fears and help build surgeon-patient trust. The age of the internet has given them a unique opportunity do that, provided the ASCs put a solid effort into digital marketing. For that, PromoteMed is here to help.

Patient Engagement, In and Out of the Office, is Crucial for ASCs

A specialized team of digital marketing experts, dedicated to healthcare practices and facilities, PromoteMed has the solutions to help ASCs boost patient engagement and draw prospective patients to their office. How do we know? Consider the following:

  • Over 70% of American adults said they used internet searches as their primary means of seeking health information. (Pew, 2012)
  • 88% of American consumers cite online testimonials as the influencing factor when making a purchasing decision. (BrightLocal, 2014)

What does this mean for same-day surgery centers? It means that if you are able to reach your patient and give them the information and recommendations they are looking for, you can not only help put people’s minds at ease, you can draw prospective patients to you, creating a foundation of sustainable success for your practice. PromoteMed  specializes in helping ASCs do exactly that. We take into account your facility’s individual needs and goals and builds the ideal strategy to help you achieve them. We craft this strategy around four primary solutions:

  • Reputation Management– Leveraging testimonials and social media to enhance your image online.
  • Content Marketing– Educating patients and easing surgical fears with compelling, informative content.
  • Local Search Optimization– Putting your ASC’s name in front of the prospective patients in your community.
  • Online Advertising– Making your facility digitally synonymous with quality outpatient surgery.

PromoteMed Crafts Digital Marketing Success for Outpatient Surgeons

One of the main issues that same-day surgery centers face is that over half of ambulatory surgery procedures still take place in hospitals as opposed to outpatient facilities. Not only is this more expensive for the patient, but it doesn’t do ASC’s any favors on the business side either. That’s why patient engagement is so essential for outpatient surgeons, perhaps even more so than other healthcare specialists. PromoteMed has years of experience helping practices enhance that engagement and deliver them long-term success with our proven solutions.

The PromoteMed team stands behind these solutions, because we spend countless hours researching the latest trends and analyzing our methods in detail in order to ensure that we deliver that patient engagement value to your surgical practice, and maximize the return on your investment with us. We encourage you to contact PromoteMed and ask us your questions. We stand ready to discuss your ASC’s vision and craft the perfect strategy for your facility with our solutions. Patient engagement outside of the office is more possible than ever before, and we’re here to help you build the ideal effort for you and your patients.

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