The Pathologist’s Pathway for Digital Marketing with PromoteMed

Digital Marketing for PathologistsPathologists are a different breed of specialist in today’s healthcare industry. Spanning an entire body of specialities and focuses, many pathologists spend far more time in a lab than they do examining the patient. Whatever their focus, however, marketing is as essential for a pathology practitioner’s success as it is for any physician. Whereas most practices put their focus on patient engagement, the pathologist must focus on physician engagement, and building relationships with practices that require their services. And, like the majority of patients, the first stop that physicians in searching for their healthcare information is the internet. While the pathologist’s focus may be different that most physicians, a sound digital marketing strategy is just as essential for the success of any pathology lab; and when you need a successful digital marketing strategy for your lab, you turn to PromoteMed.

Proven Strategies for the Pathologist’s Unique Marketing Needs

Dedicated to providing expert digital marketing solutions to the healthcare industry, the PromoteMed team has a proven track record of helping physicians of many specialties bring their practice to the forefront of the digital space. Whether you’re promoting your services to patients or physicians, the Internet should be one of the first places you reach them. 71% of physicians said they start their research on a search engine….in 2010. The explosion of the digital and mobile space has sent that number skyrocketing, and if you’re not engaging with your potential clients in that space, you’re already well behind. Here at PromoteMed we specialize in building the perfect strategy to meet the needs of your practice and your clientele. We do this by focusing on four main areas:

We recognize that the independent pathology practice may not have the big-budget resources that a corporate hospital will have. That’s exactly why we do what we do. Your pathological skills shouldn’t be digitally diminished just because bigger facilities have more time and money to throw at it. With PromoteMed, you have an affordable team of experts, with cutting-edge solutions, and successfully-proven strategies, ready to put your pathology lab in the digital spotlight. Whether you’re a speech pathologist, a clinical pathologists, a forensic pathologist, or any pathological specialty, we can build and tailor the right strategy to achieve your lab’s individual goals and needs

PromoteMed Brings Pathologist, Physician and Patient Together

One of the keys to successfully market your pathology practice is to reach out to your consumers, and now PromoteMed reaches to you. We invite you to contact us, and ask us any questions you may have. We would love to hear your goals and aspirations for your lab and build the perfect digital marketing strategy to help you achieve them. At PromoteMed we focus on marketing pathologists, so they can focus on saving lives.

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