The Podiatrist’s Path to Digital Engagement with PromoteMed

The Steps to Podiatrist Digital MarketingThe podiatrist is the physician we turn to get us back on our feet when they fail us. From broken toes to ankle sprains, people tend to injure their feet quite a bit. In fact 75% of all Americans will experience foot health problems to some degree at some point in their life.  This would seem to provide a bounty of patients for podiatry practices, yet for most Americans, the doctor is not their first stop when they are hurting. For 7 out of 10 adults, the internet is where they turn for health information. In today’s digital world, patient engagement needs to start outside of the office in order to maintain a steady patient flow. To do that, the successful podiatrist meets their patient on the web, using a dynamic digital marketing campaign to connect with their prospective patient community.  Yet many physicians, always insanely busy tending to the needs of their patients, don’t know the first thing about digital marketing. For those podiatric physicians, PromoteMed is that first step.

Online Engagement is a Crucial Step for Today’s Podiatrist

A team of digital marketing experts, dedicated to the healthcare industry, we specialize in helping private practices and community-based health facilities promote their services and expand their base of potential patients. You may not have the time or resources that a big-budget corporate hospital, with a whole department of in-house marketers, can throw into their digital marketing strategy. With PromoteMed that is not a problem. We know that piles of money does not equal quality patient care, so we work to help the private podiatrist tell their story. We do this by focusing on four primary areas:

  • Reputation Management– Using social media efforts and patient testimonials to build your digital presence
  • Local Search Optimization– Ensuring your practice is the primary name local patients find in their research
  • Online Advertising– Making your name synonymous with quality podiatry to your consumer base
  • Content Marketing– Building a portfolio of digital content to engage and educate your patients

We understand how difficult it is to invest your hard-earned money, and that’s why we put such effort into research and analyzing our strategies to ensure that you receive the maximum return on your investment. Our solutions are designed to help podiatrists enhance the long-term success of their practice. You would never take a shortcut when treating a patient’s feet, and PromoteMed does not take shortcuts with your digital marketing effort.  We are experts in the industry, because we put the time and the research to make sure we are, in order to deliver the best possible strategies to podiatrists and healthcare practices across the country.

More Money Does Not Equal Better Care to PromoteMed

The need for digital marketing in healthcare is not a secret. Podiatry Today’s article on marketing tips for podiatrists emphasizes how important it is to set marketing goals and have a plan to achieve them. PromoteMed can help you get there. Contact us today and ask us your questions. We would love to hear your podiatric practice’s goals and needs, and work to build the perfect strategy for you to meet them.

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