The Surgeons’ Guide to Digital Marketing with PromoteMed

Marketing your Surgical Practice with PromoteMedSurgeons have some of the most unique and essential skills in healthcare, literally taking people apart and putting them back together again. Yet mention digital marketing to these skilled surgeons, and a pained look comes across their face.  Digital marketing is not something any physician wants to deal with, but in today’s technological age, it is essential for the sustained success of any practice.  It is especially important for surgeons, because surgical patients are likely to have a lot of questions before someone looks into their abdomen. In fact, over 70% of American adults turn to the internet as their first stop for healthcare research, so reaching these prospective patients online is crucial. PromoteMed is here to help you do that.

A Surgical Approach to Online Patient Engagement

An experienced team of dedicated healthcare marketing professionals, the PromoteMed team has been helping practices enact successful digital marketing campaigns for years. We recognize that private surgical practices, and community-based facilities, may not have the time and resources to build such a campaign on their own, and we believe that you shouldn’t have to. Your focus is rightly on taking care of the patients, and we work to build your digital marketing strategy, so you can keep that focus where it belongs. At PromoteMed, we look at your practice’s individual needs, and build a targeted digital marketing campaign around four main areas:

The American College of Surgeons says it’s not a question of ‘if’ physicians should promote their surgery practice online, but how they should do it. If you want to save your practice time and money, while ensuring an effective campaign, PromoteMed can answer this question for you. In the dynamic online medium, we constantly study the latest trends, and analyze our solutions to ensure that we deliver you cutting-edge strategies that are going to work for your practice. Much like the surgeon overlooks no detail when operating on patient, neither do we cut any corners to implement the perfect marketing campaign for you. We take pride in helping those who work to keep us alive and healthy, and we would love to put that passion to work for you.

Don’t Cut Corners with Digital Marketing, Call PromoteMed

We invite you to contact PromoteMed, tell us about your practice and ask us any questions you might have. We’ll listen to your wants and needs and help build the right campaign to work for your practice. A lack of time or big budget shouldn’t have to hinder your marketing efforts. PromoteMed believes the most money does not equal the best care, and we will work hard to share your story with the world. We work hard to build the best digital marketing efforts for surgeons, so the surgeons can keep patients’ bodies operating on optimum levels.

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