The Radiation Oncology Practice’s Digital Engagement Therapy

Digital Marketing for the Radiation Oncology PracticeThe cancer diagnosis leads to a scary and confusing time for any patient, and with such a life-altering disease, accurate information and a trusted physician can make a world of difference in the patient’s mental well-being. Stepping into a radiation oncology practice, as 2/3 of cancer patients will do, can be especially daunting for the patient, yet oncologists have the means to help ease that experience long before the patient ever sets foot in their office. Patients are increasingly turning to the internet to research health information, and over 60% of your cancer patients will likely go to the web for information and reassurance. With a plethora of inaccurate information, the radiation oncologist has the ability, via a solid digital strategy, to establish themselves as a reliable resource for patients desperately seeking answers, and build a trusting relationship that helps ease the patients fears and draws them to your practice. PromoteMed is ready to help you do it.

Building Trust with the Patient via Online Engagement

An expert group of digital marketing professionals committed to the healthcare industry, the PromoteMed team specializes in helping healthcare practices bolster patient engagement via proven digital marketing solutions. Much like you tailor your expert oncological care to the needs of your patients, so do we build our data-driven strategies around the needs and goals of your radiation oncology practice. Our extensive research has led us to focus your efforts on four central areas:

  • Content Marketing– Educating radiation oncology patients with compelling, reassuring content
  • Local Search Optimization– Bringing your practice to the forefront of local cancer care web searches
  • Reputation Management– Boosting your oncological reputation in the digital space via testimonials and social media
  • Online Advertising– Helping your expert services target the patients looking for you throughout the internet

While most physicians recognize the need for digital marketing as a patient engagement tool, the issue at hand is the time and money needed to execute such solutions. Many corporate hospitals pour thousands of dollars and entire departments of marketing professionals into this effort, yet the private practices and independent radiation center may not have these types of resources. That is why PromoteMed is here. We are dedicated to help the private radiation oncologist and community facility build a long-term solution that can deliver all the digital marketing benefits at a fraction of the price. Our strategies are designed to maximize the return on your investment while permanently enhancing your digital patient engagement and saving you bunches in both money and time.

Expert Digital Marketing Care for the Radiation Oncology Practice

We invite any radiation oncologist to get in touch with PromoteMed and ask us your questions. We would love to discuss the vision you have for your cancer care practice, and how we can implement the best tactics to help you achieve that vision. We believe, as you do, that the patient comes first and we’re here to help you build that patient-physician relationship outside of the office. Here at PromoteMed, our mission is to focus our expert care on your digital marketing, so you can focus your expert care on the patients who need you.

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