Digital Solutions to Help Thoracic Surgeons Breathe Easy

Helping Thoracic Surgeons Breathe Easy with Digital SolutionsThoracic surgery consists of the scariest medical procedures a patient can go through. Lung disease and related respiratory issues are complex and quite often life-threatening. For that reason, thoracic surgeons are among the highest compensated specialists, yet patient engagement remains absolutely crucial. Indeed, for the nearly two million people diagnosed each year with lung cancer, and the countless others with serious breathing problems, they are frantically searching for answers and reassurance. Over 70% of American adults use the internet as their first source for health information and the surgical practice that engages these patients and helps allay those fears, is far more able to build patient relationships and overall satisfaction, in addition to the ultimate goal of a successful health outcome. It is vital to get your expert lung knowledge to your patients where they are, and PromoteMed is here to help you find them.

Patients Go to the Internet First for Respiratory Health Information

With a team of digital marketing experts focusing entirely on healthcare practices, PromoteMed specializes in helping cardiothoracic surgeons and specialists across the medical industry enhance patient engagement and education via the internet. We constantly research the latest trends and analyze online data to find out where the patients are looking and what they are looking for, and help bring your expert knowledge to draw them to you and establish the relationships to boost your practice. We do this by using the goals of your practice to tailor an ideal solution around four central facets of your digital effort:

  • Local Search Optimization– Helping lung related local searches find your thoracic information and care services
  • Reputation Management– Enhancing your digital image through patient testimonials and social media engagement.
  • Online Advertising– Putting your practice prominently where prospective patients and referring physicans will find you.
  • Content Marketing– Using patient questions to create content that engages and educates about thoracic surgery

You likely already understand the importance of a digital presence for your practice. Most thoracic surgeons have a website and social media presence. That is a great start. Yet big-budget hospitals will spend piles of money and bring in departments of in-house marketing professionals to work digital engagement for their facility. Even if you have those kinds of resources, that’s not the most efficient answer for the private practice. Here at PromoteMed, we focus on delivering a significant return on a practice’s investment, both in money and time. Our whole mission is to focus on establishing your successful web presence, so you can keep your focus on operating on your patients.

We Focus on Thoracic Surgeons, So They Can Focus on Their Patients

We know that respiratory and cardiovascular issues are serious business. Problems like lung cancer, emphysema, chest reconstruction, etc. they require expert surgical care. You have the expertise, so let PromoteMed help these patients find your skills and knowledge. We are ready to foster a mutual relationship where your patient engagement and overall satisfaction soars. We encourage you to contact PromoteMed. Tell us the goals you have for your practice and we’ll discuss the best ways for us to help you achieve them. We look forward to taking the stress of digital marketing off your chest and forge digital relationships between you and your patients

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