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Real consultants with years of experience building and optimizing websites

PromoteMed is a comprehensive healthcare marketing agency dedicated to helping hospitals, medical practices, clinics and other health-related organizations enhance their patient engagement, digital reputation and online visibility, so that they can maximize marketing success while saving time to focus on their patients.

Our solution is a comprehensive, data-backed strategy designed to set your facility up for success in the long term. We combine extensive research, our stellar marketing knowledge from over 10 years of doing this, and your individual needs and goals to help you expand your patient base, and establish your reputation as a leader in the healthcare industry.

When you work with PromoteMed you can expect:

1. Dedicated marketing professionals who care about your success
2. Proven data-based strategies and experience to achieve your marketing goals
3. Use of digital marketing tools that will direct potential customers to your business

PromoteMed is based in Cary, NC and has been delivering innovative and successful marketing solutions to healthcare organizations across the country. No matter where you practice, PromoteMed stands ready to help you achieve your marketing goals and reach more patients in your local area.

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