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Founded in 2010 by Dr. Ron Masri, Total Motion Physical Therapy is one of the leading physical therapy practices in Christiansburg, Virginia with a second location that opened this year in Blacksburg, Virginia. As a local business, Dr. Masri engaged PromoteMed to help his practice surface better in local search results, to increase organic & paid traffic and to increase referrals via phone and online submissions.


When Total Motion Physical Therapy (TMPT) started working with PromoteMed, they had two years under their belt and were starting to grow their business due to their outstanding customer services and cutting edge offerings but they lacked a strong sharehold online. Additionally, TMPT had thin content on their website which was holding them back from not only providing a high quality and informative experience for their users but also from growing in search results and longtail keyword opportunities.


PromoteMed first started working towards the goals outlined by TMPT by conducting a thorough content and competitor analysis to get a better understanding of where they could improve their website, what areas they were missing out on and what areas their competitors are missing out on that TMPT could capitalize on. Through this we uncovered the need for supplementary content to help bring in longtail search opportunities and to send signals to Google that TMPT is a high quality site as content is a big ranking factor.

We also did an audit on its local footprint and identified that the TMPT needed a larger presence on local listing sites as well as reviews from past and current clients to help with social proof and demonstrating the clinic’s expertise and authority.

With these findings in mind, PromoteMed implemented the following tactics to increase traffic, leads and overall brand awareness:

  • Conducted local SEO optimization by utilizing a variety of tools that aggregated TMPT’s business listings location on a wide range of sites, apps and directories that factor into most local search engine results.
  • Developed a content strategy approach that revolved around building out a page of unique content for each service offered at TMPT. This tactic brought many benefits such as providing helpful content that is specifically targeted to the purpose of the website to provide the user with additional and relevant information, it helped to bring in long tail traffic and it helped to add fresh and ongoing content – all signals Google looks for when ranking sites.
  • Conducted on-page SEO tactics such as rewriting meta descriptions, page titles, adding authorship markup to all pages etc. to help search engines understand the organization of the website better and its services as well as to help provide the user with more context.
  • Optimized call-to-actions throughout website to increase conversion.
  • Implemented calltracking software to better track leads, where they originated, etc. to better help with optimizing the conversion funnel. Sales staffing and process were overhauled with new usage data provided by call recording details.
  • Provided recommendation and processes to help increase reviews of TMPT on third party sites
  • Implemented numerous PPC campaigns through Ad Networks to have a larger presence in search results and generate more leads.


Over the past three and a half years, PromoteMed has been able to move the needle for Total Motion Physical Therapy across the board. Key achievements include:

  • Organic traffic has grown 454%
  • Lead volume (calls) has grown 655%
  • TMPT now ranks #1 in Google search results for the following terms which demonstrates the clinic’s strong local footprint:
    • Christiansburg physical therapy
    • Christiansburg physical therapists
    • New river valley physical therapy
    • Physical therapy in Christiansburg
    • Physical therapists in Christiansburg
  • Generated more than 2,000 clicks through PPC and garnered more than 150,000 impressions
  • TMPT has had such success in Christiansburg, VA that in 2015, they expanded into Blacksburg, VA



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