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Online advertising through pay-per-click ads is a wonderful resource for healthcare organizations as it greatly enhances your online visibility while simultaneously providing vital insights on your patient base – providing you have someone that knows the right strategy and metrics to gain these insights. With PromoteMed’s team of pay-per-click (PPC) experts at your service, you can rest assured that your business will reap the many benefits of online ads without having to worry about the financial and emotional commitment of hiring in-house help.

PromoteMed’s outstanding PPC team uses in-depth research methods and data-backed analysis to create and optimize the perfect campaign to drive traffic and find out, quite literally, what your patients are searching for in a healthcare organization. With our PPC expertise, your business can both expand your patient base and enhance your engagement, all the while saving money for your other needs.

Many healthcare professionals see the complexity and hassle of effective paid search, and don’t have the money or time to dump into such a venture, so they simply ignore it. With PromoteMed, you can eliminate this dilemma and gain all the advantages of paid search, including:

Advertising on Top Search Engines

Your patients are constantly turning to search engines to find nearby health-related services. PromoteMed’s advertising services can help put your message front and center on their computer screen. With our solution, you will be able to choose between Google, Bing, or both, allowing you to rest in the knowledge that those searching for the services you offer will be able to find your business with ease.

Patient Connections

You want to know what your prospective patients are looking for in their healthcare research? Our paid search metrics will show you what services are of most interest amongst your target audiences, what keywords they used to search for your services, etc., providing you with the ability to enhance your patient offerings, both in your marketing and offered services. Additionally, PPC provides you the ability to put targeted content pieces or advertisements to specific demographics at specific times of the day, ensuring that you are sending your message directly to the people that need to see it. With PromoteMed’s PPC prowess, you can ensure that when your link is clicked, you have a valuable set of eyes on your page.

Low Cost, High Visibility

PPC is set up so that you only pay when a link is clicked. By effectively leveraging PPC you can put the exact information you need right in front of the eyes of your patient base. Our expert PPC strategy will help guide you in establishing an optimized strategy to deliver a high-rate of clicks at lower costs, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck, while establishing your lasting digital authority.

Quick Results

Where other digital marketing techniques and strategies can take time to effectively implement, PromoteMed’s paid search strategy does not. When we start your PPC campaign, you will start seeing traffic gains and positive results in a matter of days. This quick turnaround enables us to optimize your strategy, determining what works and what doesn’t, and ensuring you get the most bang out of your buck.

These are just a few of the benefits from implementing the PromoteMed PPC strategy. Contact PromoteMed today to learn how we can put our skills to work for you and your patients. Your patients are searching for you online right now. Are you there to meet them?

Local Optimization

As locale is of primary importance to healthcare consumers, local search optimization is crucial for healthcare organizations to ensure that their value is being presented to potential patients across the street, instead of across the country. PromoteMed’s expert optimization service, tailored specifically for the healthcare industry, ensures that your message finds its way to the intended viewership: the prospective patients in your neck of the woods.

Our local optimization strategy analyzes your website content, general business information and your organization’s presence across the internet in terms of local search results. From this process, we use the gathered data and analysis to aggregate your business listings on a wide range of sites, including the big directories that feed the big search engines. We also work on fixing any inconsistencies across the business listings to ensure that your information is consistent across the web. Benefits of a local optimization strategies include:

Increased Local Web Presence

Google’s top goal is to put the best relevant local information in front of the eyes of their curious consumers. With our service, the information disseminated across the web will match the information on your website and direct potential customers back to you.

Enhanced Patient Relationships

Nearly 80% of all Americans are using the internet to research medical information. By using PromoteMed’s local optimization service, you set yourself up to better meet your patients’ needs outside of the office.  We will help you establish and build that relationship, by enabling you to deliver the information they seek through a channel that they already know and trust.

An Evolution of Continuous Success

The best practices for optimization are continuously changing, and most healthcare professionals don’t have the time to keep up with the dozens of updates to the rules and framework of successful local optimization. PromoteMed is always on the cutting edge of digital trends, especially in regards to optimization, so you know your strategy will be built to succeed now and well into the future.

Most healthcare professionals know the massive benefits of local optimization – they simply lack the time or expertise, and hiring someone who does can be very costly. That is why PromoteMed is here – to provide our local optimization expertise to deliver these benefits to your healthcare organization in faster time and at smaller expense, allowing you keep your focus where it needs to be: maintaining a base of happy, healthy and engaged patients.

Content Marketing

Patient engagement is one of the most crucial factors for the success of healthcare-related businesses, both in and out of the office. With 84% of patients going online to research their business options, you need to ask yourself: What resources are you providing them during this process?

PromoteMed’s exemplary content marketing services will help you create compelling resources that your current and prospective patients will love and place them in prime locations to attract more viewers. Our multi-faceted content approach draws from search trends, performance statistics and your expert knowledge to create a constant flow of informative and authoritative content all designed to help bring prospective patients to you.

PromoteMed develops a content strategy driven by your individual needs and goals. While the services we execute for our clients will differ based on your needs, we generally look at the following mediums to enhance your content:

Website Optimization

The content of your website is crucial to expanding your patient base. Over 75% of all patients turn to websites as part of their research process, so your information needs to be concise, optimized and informative. PromoteMed uses vast expertise to ensure that your website is sending out the messaging and the resources to meet patients’ needs and help them feel more comfortable when choosing you for their health-related services.

Blogs/News Articles

Many businesses do not have the time to develop and write fresh and engaging content on an ongoing basis, an essential for a successful online presence and business growth. At PromoteMed, we have found it is key to have optimized blog and news article content that informs and answers questions for your readers. This will not only help your business rank higher in search results but also provides potential patients with a means to engage with you before they even meet you face to face. PromoteMed will help you develop a strategy to consistently educate and entertain with compelling blog posts providing a trove of information and interaction with your patient base


The goal of Whitepapers is to inform and persuade readers on a specific topic that presents a problem and then provide a solution. Whitepapers are typically in-depth reports that require at least an email address for download which makes these great for capturing leads and to establish yourself as an industry authority for your readers. People want to receive health care from the best sources, and quality, informative whitepapers will help prove your knowledge to the reader. PromoteMed will ensure that you put the information your patients need right on their screen.

Reputation Management

You may not be a household name in the healthcare industry in your local area, but we can help you get there. With patient engagement being such a vital focus in today’s healthcare space, PromoteMed’s reputation management services are tailored to help enhance how your services are perceived by prospective patients to help you ensure that your patient needs are met, your ratings remain high, and that future patients will take notice.

At PromoteMed, our reputation management strategy focuses on evaluating and developing your reviews/testimonials process, as well as the overall communication effort, in order to ensure that you’re effectively meeting your consumers’ needs and effectively handling any issues that may arise. We ensure that social media and various reputation management tools are being leveraged to put your services in the best light both for your patients and the outside world. Some of our particular areas of focus for reputation management include:

Analysis of Online Presence

We will take a look at how your practice is being rated online by past clients, what review sites you are currently on, where there is room to grow, if there’s any negative reputation issues to address, etc. This process will help us to better determine where you should focus your efforts to improve your online footprint.

Website Design

Like it or not, first impressions will always matter. A poor site layout, or buggy user experience, can drive potential patients away before they even get to know you and your expertise. As website prowess has little to do with medical expertise, PromoteMed focuses on helping you identify and eliminate these potential problems, so patients see you for the knowledgeable medical professionals you are.

Social Media

Social media may very well be the heart of your online reputation today. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and so many others provide a huge medium of interactivity between your consumers, and it’s fair to say, someone is talking about you. PromoteMed works to help you combine your content and social media strategy in order to guide the conversation and foster positive interaction amongst your patient base.

Search Engine Optimization

PromoteMed uses innovative tools and meticulous research to ensure that your name is not showing up where it shouldn’t be. If there is negative information about your facility lurking around the internet, we help you establish a content strategy that will have you churning out great content and keep your name synonymous with quality healthcare in the search rankings.

Patient/Consumer Engagement

The key to success in any business, especially today’s healthcare industry, is forging a connection with the consumer. PromoteMed helps build consumer engagement in many ways, especially through reviews, testimonials and social media, ensuring a level of essential interactivity for your patients. You’ll need to update and interact regularly to enhance your engagement outside of the office, and we can help you develop an easy strategy to do just that.

We live in a world of instant communication and extensive information. Know it or not, your business likely has an extensive online reputation already. A reputation that grows out of your control can have a lasting and devastating impact on your practice. PromoteMed is here to help you maintain your golden reputation, so contact us today and discover what we can do for you and yours.

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