A Gynecologic Oncology Practice’s Digital Engagement Solution

Gynecology Oncology Digital Engagement SolutionsIt is a sad truth that the reproductive system is responsible for three of the top eight most common types of cancer in women, and it’s why the gynecologic oncologist has such a vital role in today’s healthcare world. The fact that many women are hesitant to visit a gynecologist they don’t trust may play a factor in these numbers, yet OB/GYNs and gynecologic oncologists have the means to fix that. More than any other demographic, women are increasingly turning to the internet as their primary stop for health information. The gynecology oncology practice that engages women on the web with screening tips and educational content, and resources to reassure and inform endometrial cancer sufferers, can build that trust before the woman ever sets foot in a doctor’s office. When it comes to healthcare digital strategy, the gynecology oncologist can turn to PromoteMed.

Building Patient/Physician Trust with Women Online

The PromoteMed team is made up of digital marketing experts dedicated to serving the healthcare industry and helping practices enhance online patient engagement, with our proven solutions. We find what questions women are asking, and where they are looking, and help you bring your gynecological expertise to the people who need it. By studying search trends, and analyzing female-focused data, we are able to take your vision for your gynecologic oncology practice and build the ideal strategy to help you achieve this vision, and build a satisfied patient base who trusts in your life-saving care. We focus this strategy around four central areas:

  • Local Search Optimization– Helping local searches for gynecologic care find your practice first and foremost
  • Content Marketing– Using feminine care guidance and supportive cancer-focused articles to engage and educate your patients
  • Reputation Management– Boosting your digital image for quality gynecology oncology via patient testimonials
  • Online Advertising– Spreading your name and services throughout the web to the women that need them.

The need to digital engage women is no big secret. For the gynecology oncology specialist it is even more important, because there are so few practices devoted to that care. The woman who drives great distances to receive care wants to be reassured that she is seeing someone she can trust to take care of her. Further, with 30,000 deaths attributed each year to gynecologic cancer, and some types of which that have easily-missed symptoms, patient engagement is so crucial to ensure that the patient can beat this deadly disease. You are busy treating these patients, so let PromoteMed take care of the digital effort for you.

We Focus On The Gynecologic Oncology Digital Strategy, You Focus on Curing Cancer

At PromoteMed, we stand ready to focus on your digital engagement efforts, so you can keep your focus on your cancer patients. We have solutions that are designed to bring you and your patients together, increasing the success of your gynecologic oncology practice and maintaining that success over the long term. If you have questions about our solutions, contact us and we’d be happy to answer them. You’ve helped countless women beat this deadly disease, and we’re here to help women find you and conquer reproductive cancer for years to come.

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