Crafting Digital Marketing Success for the Aesthetic Practice

Aesthetic Practice Digital Marketing with PromoteMedIn your aesthetic practice, you spend a great deal of time helping your patients create their ideal personal image, but how much time do you spend building your practice’s image? In today’s digital age, over 70% of patients use the internet as their primary source for health information, and if you don’t have a solid presence there, you will be invisible to the majority of the prospective patients who are looking for you. Yet the opportunity is right there for you. Whether you’re a plastic surgeon, maxillofacial physican, dermatologist or any area of aesthetic medicine, you have the ability to connect and engage with prospective patients long before they ever set foot in a doctor’s office. PromoteMed can help you get there.

Facilitate Patient Engagement Outside of the Office with PromoteMed

A team of digital marketing experts, PromoteMed is dedicated to helping aestheticians, and healthcare specialists across the industry, build their digital presence and foster patient engagement on the internet. With years of experience and proven solutions which we can tailor to your practice’s individual goals, we stand ready and very willing to help you build a successful and sustainable digital strategy. When building this strategy for your aesthetic practice, we focus on four main pillars:

Most likely, you already have discovered the necessity of digital marketing for your aesthetic practice, and perhaps you have been scouring the internet yourself, looking for where to begin. We believe PromoteMed is your answer. Just as plastic surgeons can construct and mold the patient’s features to achieve their image goals, so can we shape the perfect digital marketing strategy to get your practice where you want it to be. We constantly study the lastest trends, and analyze every detail of our solutions, all to ensure that you will have the most successful strategy possible, while maintaining that success over the long term. We do not take shortcuts with digital marketing. When you work with PromoteMed, you will get a solution that we firmly believe will achieve the goals you’ve set for your aesthetic practice

A Sustainable, Long-Term Strategy for Your Aesthetic Practice

We understand that investing your hard-earned dollars is not a decision that you take lightly, and at PromoteMed, we are committed to delivering you the maximum return for your investment. You will likely have questions, and we invited you to contact us, ask us those questions and share your goals that you have for your aesthetic practice. We’ll use that information to tailor the ideal strategy for your digital marketing and help expand and engage with your patient base. PromoteMed stands ready to mold your ideal marketing strategy, so you can keep your focus on molding your patients image.

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