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Bringing Anesthesiologist and Doctor Together with PromoteMedAnesthesiologists are uniquely placed in the world of healthcare specialists. An essential part of so many health specialties, the anesthesia physician generally plays a crucial supporting role, and while there are practices built around anesthetic care, these practices are marketed more to hospitals and other specialists than they are to the patient.  Yet, while the target audience of anesthesiologist marketing is different than most healthcare fields, the best means of marketing remains the same. The internet has become as deeply ingrained in healthcare as it has in the rest of society, and marketing your practice in the digital space is absolutely essential to your practice’s long-term success. That’s why PromoteMed is here.

Bringing Anesthesiologist and Hospital Together Digitally

A dedicated team of digital marketing professionals solely focused on helping healthcare practices engage with their community on the internet, PromoteMed has many years of combined experience that we’re ready to put to work for anesthesiologists like you. With our solutions, anesthetic practices have the means to connect with doctor and patient alike, ensuring that your services find the eyes of the people who need them. We take into account each practice’s individual goals and needs, and build a solid digital strategy around four main pillars:

When you choose PromoteMed, you get a team that is constantly researching the latest trends and analyzing our solutions, all so any perioperative practitioner  get the right strategy to meet their practice’s goals in the long term. We do not believe in taking shortcuts. We tailor our work, not for a quick jump in the rankings, but for sustainable, lasting success, that keeps you engaged with the physicians and patients of your community. Just as you help ease patient’s pain during surgical operations, so do we ease your pain when it comes to digital marketing.

PromoteMed Eases Your Marketing Pain While You Ease Your Patients

Whether you’re a solo anesthesiologist or running a group of perioperative physicians, the hospitals and practices that you are selling your services to, need to appreciate your value. This is Marketing 101 for anesthesiology practice. While you are busy in the OR facilitating life-saving work and interacting with hospitals on the physical side, let PromoteMed work for you in the digital space. We’ll help you engage and inform both patient and physician, and build your reputation online, while you focus on your patients. So contact us today, and ask us any questions you have. We want to discuss the aspirations you have for your practice, and how we can craft the ideal solution to help you meet them. We have the expertise to help your digital efforts thrive, and keep your practice from going under the knife.

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