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Digital Marketing for Dentists with PromoteMedOn the surface, digital marketing and dentistry don’t appear to be the most related fields, yet the truth of the matter is, in today’s world  without solid digital marketing efforts, dental practices can face very slow and painful demises. The reputation of your amazing dental practice only goes so far as you’re willing to spread it, where the people are looking for you.  In this era, that place is the internet. Yet, to effectively execute online marketing strategies for your dental office requires a serious time commitment and constant research to maintain best practices. As a patient-focused dentist, you probably don’t have that time. You’re focused where you should be focused: on your patients teeth. That’s why PromoteMed is here, a team of healthcare digital marketing experts devoted to delivering exceptional strategies and solutions to dental practices across the country, so dentists can keep focused on delivering quality oral care.

Keep Your Dental Practice on the Tip of Their Tongue

PromoteMed’s digital marketing expertise is perfectly customized for the varying needs to today’s oral doctors. Whether you’re an orthodontist, exodontist, pedodontist, prosthodontist, or a generally-practicing dentist, we can find you the strategies and solutions that will meet your practice’s individual goals and needs.  While our tactics vary based on these goals, our strategies usually focus on four main areas:


So why should you trust PromoteMed with your dental practice’s dollars and reputation? First, our team has decades of experience in both healthcare and digital marketing. We know where your patients will be looking, and we know how to get you there. Second, as online marketing is an incredibly dynamic field, PromoteMed is constantly researching, analyzing and evaluating our strategies, all so we can deliver the maximum possible return on your investment. Finally, there are an estimated 154,000 dental practices today. Breaking down to an average of 3,000 practices per state, it can be all too easy to become buried online under piles of your competitors pages, and if a prospective patient doesn’t find you quickly, they likely won’t. PromoteMed will keep you at the forefront of your patient’s research.

Don’t Grind Your Teeth with Marketing, Call PromoteMed.

With the digital space having emerged as the most efficient means of connecting and engaging dental patients in any location, the benefits of a solid, executable digital marketing strategy are clear for any oral doctor. We, at PromoteMed, are ready to hear your practice’s goals and build the marketing solutions that will help you meet them.

So take a few minutes and contact PromoteMed today. We’re here to answer all your questions and start working towards your success with our exemplary digital marketing strategies for dentists. At PromoteMed, we’ll take care of the digital marketing, so you can continue to take care of the teeth.

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