The Dermatologists Solution for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Dermatologists with PromoteMedDermatology and digital marketing are not terms you would normally pair together, yet for today’s dermatologist, promoting your service in the digital space is absolutely crucial for financial success. Over 72% of Americans are turning to the internet first, when researching their health information, and meeting them there with your service is absolutely vital to maintain the necessary patient base. Yet, whether your focus is cosmetic dermatology, dermapathology or surgical dermatology, your mind is likely focused on your patients’ skin, not on the latest healthcare marketing practices. PromoteMed believes that this is exactly the way it should be, and our specialists focus on digital marketing for dermatologists, so you can keep the focus on your patients.

Decades of Experience Delivering Digital Marketing Success for Dermatologists

The PromoteMed team combines years of healthcare industry experience with decades of digital marketing expertise in order to deliver proven, cutting-edge solutions that bring sustained success to dermatological practices and community-based healthcare facilities across the country. We find the strategies and solutions that will work best for your practice, and put together a package that will best meet your individual needs. Our digital marketing strategies usually focus on four main areas:

Can you build a successful digital marketing campaign by yourself? You certainly can, but it likely will not save you the money you think it will. Successful digital marketing not only requires constant cultivation of your online presence, but a thorough knowledge of dynamic algorithms of major search engines, like Google. Dermatology Times claims a lack of understanding of marketing science is one of the biggest mistakes a practice can make today. PromoteMed is constantly studying the science, analyizing the latest trends and strategies in order to deliver you the ideal digital marketing solution, one which will save you significant time and dollars.

We Focus on Marketing, So You Can Focus On Your Patient’s Skin

With PromoteMed, you can be assured that your digital marketing effort  is in the hands of specialists who are dedicated to their craft and to your success. We invite you to contact us, ask us any questions you may have, and share your vision for the future of your dermatology practice with us. We look forward to hearing from you, and determining how our solutions can best help you to achieve that vision. Here at PromoteMed, we focus on the digital marketing that we do best, so you can focus on your speciality, keeping patients happy, healthy and feeling good in their skin.

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