Digital Marketing for Sleep Centers: The PromoteMed Way

Digital Marketing Dreams for Sleep Centers with PromoteMedThe field of sleep medicine is a relatively new area of practice, and with the ever-increasing research proving the necessity of a good night’s sleep, the sleep center is has an essential role in today’s healthcare world.  An estimated 20% of Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder and for these prospective patients, be they suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea, sleep walking or any sort of nighttime abnormality, they are commonly flocking to one source for answers. That source is the internet. The common first stop for over 70% of Americans looking for health answers, the internet boasts a trove of information, yet it is rare that they can trust the source. This is where the opportunity is for sleep centers. If patients are engaged with informative content from the top experts in the field, then they keep coming to you, and you build a base of loyal and engaged patients. It requires a solid digital marketing strategy to ensure that you are reaching those digital patients though, and for that physicians have PromoteMed.

Helping Sleep Specialists Engage Patients on the Web

A group of digital marketing specialists dedicated to the healthcare space, PromoteMed devotes their skills and expertise to helping sleep centers and physicians of any specialty, to bolster their digital patient engagement, and build the online presence that sets practices up for sustainable, long-term success. We study the latest trends, and tailor our proven strategies to meet the individual goals and needs you have for your sleep medicine practice. We center these solutions around four main areas:

Just as you are specialists in the neurodiagnostics of your patients sleep patterns, so are we experts in the digital diagnostics to optimize your web presence. Where big budget hospitals spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and devote entire departments of marketing professionals, we deliver greater value to private practices and community healthcare facilities at a fraction of the price. Our team is devoted to delivering sleep centers the maximum return on investment and we constantly refine our strategies to ensure that we find the best solutions to work for you.

Big-Budget Solutions for Sleep Centers at a Low-Budget Cost

Most physicians know that effective marketing of a sleep center or any type of practice is as essential for business function as sleep is for the function of your patients. The issue is simply finding the time to market yourself or finding the right people to promote your practice at the right price. PromoteMed stands ready to be your solution. We invite you to contact us today, ask us your questions and discuss how we can best use our solutions to serve your sleep center and help you meet your goals. We are here to help you optimize your marketing patterns, so you can focus on optimizing your patients’ sleeping patterns.

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