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Nephtologist Digital Marketing with PromoteMedNephrologists play the key role in helping us maintain healthy kidneys, and with nearly 20 million Americans suffering from some level of kidney disease against only 11000 nephrologists, one would think that the success of a nephrology practice would be assured. The main issue is that many of these suffering Americans have no idea that their health issues are being caused by their kidneys. Instead they are frantically scouring one place for information, desperately searching for the answers that can help ease their pain. For over 70% of American adults, that place is not the doctor’s office, it’s the Internet. The successful nephrologist needs to meet prospective patients on the web, to provide valuable answers and engage with patients before they even come into the office. That’s where PromoteMed can help.

Successful Nephrology Practices Engage Patients Online

An expert team of digital marketers dedicated to the healthcare industry, PromoteMed has helped nephrologists and many other healthcare practices engage and educate their patients in the digital space. Just as you know how to cater your treatment to the patient’s individual health needs, so do we craft the perfect digital marketing strategy based off the needs and goals of your practice. We do this by focusing on four main areas:

PromoteMed knows that investing your hard-earned dollars is a difficult decision, especially for private practices and community facilities with little budget. Yet in this era of instant information, having an expert digital marketing campaign is crucial. Big-budget corporate hospitals hire teams of professionals to build their strategy.  You likely don’t have these kind of resources, nor do you have the time to focus on a dynamic digital marketing strategy, in addition to your essential renal physician work. That’s why we are focused on building and executing the perfect strategy for you, designed to deliver the maximum return on your investment. We focus on your marketing, so you can focus on your patient’s kidney stones.

PromoteMed Focuses On Your Marketing, So You Can Focus on Kidneys

The fact of today’s nephrological world is that digital marketing is essential if you want to build a consistently successful practice. Meeting the patients on the web, their first stop for kidney and general health information, is crucial. Given the dynamic, technical nature of the industry, you want thorough, innovative experts to ensure that you get the most bang for your marketing buck. PromoteMed puts in the research and the analysis to ensure that your nephrology practice stays on the cutting edge of digital patient engagement. Your practice and life-saving skills shouldn’t be dwarfed by a corporate hospital with piles of money to throw away. Here at PromoteMed we are committed to help your practice shine. So give us a call today, ask us your questions and share your needs and goals with us. We’re here and ready to help build the perfect plan for your practice’s success, so you can build perfect health for your patients.

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