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Digital Marketing for the Rheumatology PracticeNearly 1/5 of all Americans suffer from arthritis, and the rheumatologist is the specialist working hard to ease the patient’s pain and keep their joints moving happily. Yet when the patient feels the pain setting in, the doctor’s office is surprisingly not the first stop for information in today’s world. Instead, over 70% of Americans turn to the internet before anything else. The easy accessibility of information, even greater with the rise of smartphones, makes the web an ideal quick stop for patients looking for answers. The successful rheumatologist sees the opportunity and leverages this medium to meet the patient there and engages them with the information they seek. This requires time and effort, but most of all, it requires digital marketing expertise. That’s where PromoteMed steps in to help.

Putting the Rheumatology Practice’s Digital Efforts in Full Motion

An expert team of digital marketing professionals, dedicated to helping private practices and community-based facilities that don’t have the time or resources of a big-budget corporate hospital, PromoteMed is ready to help your rheumatology practice engage and inform your patients online.  Just as you specialize in getting your patients joints to move painlessly, so do we specialize in getting the pain out of your marketing effort, and ensure that your practice is set up for sustained success. We do that by focusing on four main areas:

We focus on these areas, as our constant research and proven results have shown us that this focus will yield your practice the maximum return for your investment, and we continue to evaluate our processes to ensure that our strategy best helps meet the rheumatology practice’s individual goals and needs. Whether it be engaging the patients that are researching their symptoms, or connecting with primary care physicians who direct referrals your way, our strategies are designed to guide rheumatologists on a path to sustainable success in the long term.

Bigger Budgets Do Not Equal Better Care or Better Marketing

It’s no secret that marketing a rheumatology practice is a complex effort. Corporate hospitals devote entire teams to build their digital image. PromoteMed knows that a bigger budget does not equal better care, and we’re here to help those smaller practices share their expertise alongside and ahead of those deep-pocketed hospitals. Our targeted solutions will ensure that you engage with your patients at the right times and in the right places.

We invite you to contact PromoteMed today, and ask us any questions you have.  We would love to discuss your goals and needs for your rheumatology practice and help build and implement the perfect plan for you to achieve them. Let us be the medicine that gets your practice’s digital marketing arm to full motion. Here at PromoteMed, we stand ready to focus on your digital marketing efforts, so you can keep your efforts focused on bringing better joint health to your patients.

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