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Digital Marketing for PsychiatristsWhile digital marketing is as important for psychiatrists as it is for all healthcare practitioners, mental health physicians have vastly different marketing needs than do their physical health colleagues. An estimated 44 million people suffer from mental illness in America, and with a little over 25,000 registered psychiatrists, the sufferers outnumber the shrinks 1760-to-1. Except that there are also over 160,000 psychologists that cater to the exact same population. Further, as mental illnesses are some of the most misunderstood today, the number of those 44 million that are actually seeking treatment is much smaller. So to effectively market themselves, psychiatrists not only need to promote themselves over the competition, they must also educate a populace that still isn’t fully aware of the magnitude of mental illness. Yet having to treat all these patients, while trying to build an effective marketing campaign that promotes and educates, can be incredibly overwhelming. This is why PromoteMed is here to help.

Engaging and Educating Your Psychiatric Patients Online

A dedicated group of digital marketing experts, PromoteMed has years of experience working with the healthcare industry, and has strategies and solutions specifically customized for mental health professionals. While our solutions are customized to meet the client’s individual needs, our strategies focus on four main areas:

The fact is, in today’s world, when people have questions, they overwhelmingly go to one place. The internet. With all the mystery and misunderstanding surrounding mental illness, you can bet that people are scouring Google for answers to their questions. You want to be the one to provide the much-needed guidance for your community, and PromoteMed wants to be the one to get you in position to do that.

At PromoteMed, we study digital marketing like you study the human brain. Digital marketing is a tremendously dynamic industry, and we stay on the edge of the innovation, constantly researching and analyzing the latest trends, and analyzing our strategies and client data. We put in the effort here, so you don’t have to. PromoteMed is devoted to focusing on your marketing needs so you can keep focused on your patients.

We Focus on the Marketing, You Focus on Your Patients

Today’s psychiatry and psychology practices have a wide variety of professional tools and methods to market themselves, but it takes a considerable amount of time to do that. You probably do not have that time, but PromoteMed does. We’re here to talk to you, to answer your questions, to discover your goals and find ways to help you meet them.

Visit the PromoteMed site today, learn more about how we can help you and give us a shout. We’re really excited to talk about how to best meet your psychiatric marketing needs. At PromoteMed, we are ready to bring you together with the patients who need your care.

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