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Digital Marketing for Imaging Centers with PromoteMedImaging centers have a unique place in healthcare, showing us the maladies, the malfunctions and even the new life that goes on inside of us. From ultrasound technicians to cancer care radiologists, the biomedical imaging industry is a crucial player for so many healthcare specialties. Yet, despite being an $18 billion industry, the growth of imaging centers actually declined by almost 3% in the last five years. New technology has the opportunity to help imaging centers reverse that negative trend, but only if the centers leverage that technology properly.  A solid digital marketing strategy is critical in order to connect with both the physicians and patients that require your diagnostic imaging services, and PromoteMed is here to help you build it.

Digital Image Experts for the Biomedical Imaging Center

Comprised of a team of digital marketing experts dedicated to helping the healthcare industry facilitate online patient engagement, PromoteMed stands ready to help your imaging center analyze your goals and needs, and build the ideal strategy to help you achieve them. We have spent many years studying all of the latest trends and constantly analyzing and implementing our digital marketing solutions, in order to have the best idea of what is going to help imaging centers reach their patients. This research has let our strategy to center around four main areas of effort:

  • Content Marketing– Creating compelling content to engage and educate both patient and physician
  • Online Advertising– Helping your imaging center reach more eyes and share your services
  • Local Search Optimization– Putting your facility front and center to your local community in need of your expertise
  • Reputation Management– Building your digital stature via social media efforts and client testimonials

The Statistics Prescribe the PromoteMed Solution

Why should you invest your hard-earned money with PromoteMed? To start, we know how to reach your consumer base, because we know where they are looking for you. More and more each year, patient and healthcare professional alike turn to the internet to find the information they need. The statistics have continued to prove this. Consider:

  • Over 70% of American adults said they used the internet as their primary stop for healthcare information….in 2012. That number has only grown. (Pew, 2012)
  • 88% of consumers say online testimonials will impact their decision on where they purchase services. (BrightLocal, 2014)
  • 31% of healthcare professionals use social media extensively for professional networking (ReferralMD, 2015)

Plain and simple, a solid digital marketing strategy can set your imaging centers light years ahead of a practice with minimal online presence. When people have questions about biomedical injury, they are far less likely to call you than they are to type their question in a search engine and see what pops up first. At PromoteMed we are committed to making sure that what they see first is you.

Whatever your diagnostic imaging center specializes in, we invite you to contact PromoteMed today. Ask us what questions you might have and discuss your goals and needs with us. We are excited to create the ideal strategy to help you meet those needs and set your imaging center up for sustainable long-term success.

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