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Digital Marketing for the Internal Medicine PracticeThe slightest twinge of internal pain can send people immediately scouring every possible source for answers. Is it a cramp or is it cancer? That’s what makes internal medicine so complex. The symptoms can be an indicator of so many different  things, and it can build up quite a bit of anxiety for the people experiencing the pain. Internists specialize in helping people treat the diseases that can cause the problems, and it is essential for internal medicine practices to engage patients with these specialists’ knowledge. The best medium on which to do that is the internet. Over 70% of Americans turn to the web as their first stop for health information, and internists who can leverage targeted content and digital marketing can answer the sufferer’s questions and greatly enhance patient engagement. That’s where PromoteMed comes in.

Online Patient Education is the Key for Internists

An expert team of digital marketing professionals, dedicated to the healthcare space, PromoteMed specializes in helping internists and specialists across healthcare, to engage and expand their patient base by meeting the patient online where they increasingly are. We use your practice’s goals and expert knowledge to build the perfect strategy to get your information in front of the patients’ eyes, and deliver long-term solutions to help you build sustained success. We tailor this strategy around four central pillars:

Why is PromoteMed so valuable for internal medicine practitioners? As more and more internists are working with big-budget corporate hospitals, the private practice falls behind. These hospitals throw thousands of dollars and whole departments of marketing professionals to boosting digital patient engagement. The private practice or community facility doesn’t have these kinds of resources, not to mention the time to implement the right digital marketing strategies. Here at PromoteMed, we do not believe that money equals quality healthcare and we strive to help the privately practicing physician to show up alongside and ahead of the big money hospitals. We focus on your digital marketing so you can spend your time doing the essential patient care and laboratory work that you need and want to be doing.

A Winning Solution for the Internal Medicine Practice

We know that marketing is one of the biggest expenditures for the internal medicine practice. That is why PromoteMed is committed to implementing the best strategies that maximize the return on your reasonable investment. Our solutions are not quick fixes that fall apart over time, but rather long-term efforts that build a foundation of sustainable digital marketing success that continually boost patient engagement for your  office, both in and out of the office. We encourage you to contact PromoteMed, ask us any questions you may have, and share with us the goals and dreams you have for your practice. We stand ready to build and implement the ideal strategies to help you achieve that vision and allow you to deliver your internal medicine expertise, while we deliver you digital success.

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