The OB/GYN’s Path to Digital Patient Engagement

Digital Marketing for the OB/GYN PracticeOne of the most important physicians in a woman’s life is her gynecologist, and, given that importance, it’s no surprise that finding one they can trust is a leading factor in a woman’s decision on an OB/GYN doctor. That’s why gynecologists and obstetricians have such a crucial need to engage women and develop that bond which will not only help keep them as a patient, but also to build that reputation as a trusted source of gynecological care. In order to facilitate that engagement, the OB/GYNs need to meet prospective patients on the mediums they use for health research. For a vastly growing majority of women, that medium is the internet. Over 85% of female internet users research health information on the web, meaning gynecologists have a golden opportunity to establish relationships with prospective patients long before they ever set foot in the office. That’s where PromoteMed can help.

Women Research Health Information Online, Is Your Practice There?

A dedicated team of digital marketing professionals focused on the healthcare industry, PromoteMed specializes in helping OB/GYNs, and specialists throughout healthcare, build patient engagement in the digital space. We know what questions your patients are asking and where they are asking them, and we know how to get your expert answers in front of their eyes. Our proven strategies are designed around your practice’s needs and goals, and we constantly analyze our data to ensure that you have the solution that works for you and your patents. To maximize engagement, we center our strategy around four primary areas:

  • Content Marketing– Establishing relationships with women via informational and engaging content.
  • Reputation Management– Highlighting patient testimonials and using social media to boost your digital image
  • Local Search Optimization– Bringing your practice to prominence in local women’s health internet searches
  • Online Advertising– Making your name synonymous with quality gynecology and obstetrics across the web

It can be a difficult decision to invest your hard-earned money in a digital marketing company, but that’s why PromoteMed is focused on maximizing the return on your investment both in time and dollars. While big-budget hospitals may pour thousands of dollars and whole departments of professionals into their digital marketing, we help the private practitioner and community women’s health facility enact successful digital strategies at a fraction of the price. Here at PromoteMed we are dedicated to your digital marketing, so you can remain dedicated to the needs of your patients.

Helping OB/GYN’s Build Trust with Women Outside of the Doctor’s Office

Women can be justifiably tentative when finding the specialist to tend to their sensitive regions. Indeed, while there are almost 70 million OB/GYN visits every year, this represents less than half of American women. The need is there to educate women and answer their questions and the practice that can do this online will be well placed to establish that trusting relationship to set your practice on a path to sustained success. So contact PromoteMed today, ask us the questions you have about our strategies, and tell us about the vision you have for your women’s health practice. We stand ready to deliver the best solution to facilitate patient education and help you build your digital relationship with an ever-increasing female community.

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