Digital Marketing for Orthopedists with PromoteMed

Mending Digital Marketing Breaks for Orthopedists with PromoteMedMost everyone has broken bones at one time or another, and orthopedists are generally who people turn to when they have a fracture that needs fixing. Human fragility will likely keep skilled orthopedic surgeons in high demand, but building a successful business around that skill is almost as hard as the surgery itself. Standing out among your competition requires you to market yourself, and many physcians, especially the 80% of orthopedists in private practices, simply don’t have the time, money or expertise, to put forth an adequate effort. Larger hospitals have the funds to bring in teams of marketing experts to engage and expand their patient base, but what is the private orthopedic practice or small community facility to do? The smart ones boost their digital patient engagement success with PromoteMed.

Mending Digital Marketing Breaks with PromoteMed

A team of digital marketing experts, dedicated to helping healthcare professionals with smaller budgets, PromoteMed prides itself on helping orthopedic practices compete with big-budget, corporate hospitals. We do this, because we recognize that digital marketing is the key to the success of your practice. Over 70% of Americans use the internet as their primary means to research health providers, and we work to ensure that your information meets them there. When you work with PromoteMed, you will see us focus on four main areas:

We focus on these areas because our constant research and study of the industry and related marketing practices have proven these to be effective. Leading experts have confirmed that if you help the patient to understand their medical procedures, they’re more likely to recommend you, and 88% of Americans purchasing decisions are primarily influenced by reviews and recommendations. A broken arm or leg can send a patient scurrying for answers. You, the orthopedic surgeon, are the best source to provide those answers, and PromoteMed works to ensure that you’re the first source they find.

Bringing Orthopedists’ Expertise to Patients Online

Just as you are experts in straightening spines and reforming femurs, we are experts in putting your practice into the spotlight. We work constantly to ensure that we’re on the cutting-edge of digital marketing, so we can bring you and your patients together in the most efficient possible way.

We understand that before choosing to invest your hard-earned money with PromoteMed, you may have more questions, and we encourage you to contact us. We would love to discuss the goals and needs you have for your orthopedic practice, and show you the solutions to help you reach those goals.  Here at PromoteMed, we will work hard to build your digital marketing success, so you can focus on the bone-mending work that you do best.

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