Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgeons: The PromoteMed Solution

Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgeons from PromoteMedPlastic surgeons have the unique ability to mold a patient into the person they want to be.  Whether you focus on cosmetic, reconstructive, or even the craniofacial aspects of plastic surgery, you know how important it is to establish and maintain relationships with your patients. Yet in today’s healthcare world, especially for plastic surgeons, interacting with patients in your office is not enough. You need to market yourself and your practice, and answer your current and future patients’ questions where they’re asking them. For over 70% of Americans those questions are being asked first on the internet. Many plastic surgeons have already turned to social media as a means to meet their patients.  Yet a good digital marketing campaign is far more in-depth. For smaller practices, however, this creates a dilemma. Where do you find the time and money to build a decent digital marketing effort, and still focus on your backlog of patients? In the world of healthcare, PromoteMed is your answer.

You Mold People, PromoteMed Molds Your Digital Story

Just as you are experts in crafting and constructing bone and tissue, so is PromoteMed an expert in creating the perfect digital marketing solution to meet your practice’s needs. With decades of combined experience in digital marketing in the healthcare space, PromoteMed’s team specializes in helping private practices and community-based facilities expand their patient base, and compete with big-budget corporate hospitals. We do this by focusing on four main areas for your practice:

In the dynamic world of healthcare marketing, PromoteMed constantly researches the latest industry trends, and uses advanced statistical analysis to ensure that our methods will work for you. Our solutions have been proven successful many times, and we would love to prove it to you and your practice. Saving you the time you need to focus on your patients, while delivering an ROI that dwarfs the amount you spend on digital marketing, that’s the PromoteMed mission.

Connecting Plastic Surgeons and Patients in the Digital Age

At the end of the day, our efforts focus around the same group of people as the plastic surgeon—the patient. When they ask how a facelift procedure works, we want them to read your answer online. When they are looking for a top plastic surgeon for reconstruction after an accident, we’ll help them find your name first. Engaging and interacting with the consumer is how your plastic surgery practice grows, both in reputation and patient base. Here at PromoteMed we know how to facilitate that for you.

So give PromoteMed a shout, and ask us any questions you may have. We would really enjoy talking about your practice, and determining the perfect marketing strategy to meet your goals and needs. We know you’re focused on your patients, and we focus on building digital marketing success for plastic surgeons, so you can keep your mind on your patients.

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