Digital Engagement for Proctologists and Colorectal Surgeons

Digital Marketing for Proctologists and Colorectal Surgeons with PromoteMedWhile it may not be the most pleasant area to talk about, colon health is crucial to both our physical and mental well-being. There are many ailments that can damage the digestive system and bring a great amount of unpleasantness to our day. From hemorrhoids to irritable bowels, to the evil of colorectal cancer, any issue in our hindquarters can send us scurrying for answers. The colorectal surgeon is typically the practitioner that has the cure to what ails our anuses, yet the doctor is not the first stop most of us make for healthcare information. Indeed, for over 70% of American adults, that stop is the internet. With a wave of inaccurate and misleading information, proctologists and colorectal physicians have the unique opportunity to leverage the internet to engage and educate their local community, and PromoteMed is here to help you do it.

Online Patient Engagement is a Smooth Move for Proctologists

A highly skilled team of digital marketing experts dedicated to serving healthcare practices, PromoteMed has helped many physicians maximize their patient engagement efforts and put their practice prominently on the digital map. Colorectal surgeons need only tell us the goals and needs they have for their practice, and we can use our proven solutions to find the ideal strategy to help the practice achieve those goals. Our strategy focuses around four central pillars:

  • Local Search Optimization– Helping patients find the answers they seek from your practice website.
  • Online Advertising– Maximizing your colorectal care visibility to your digital patient community
  • Content Marketing– Bringing compelling, informational content to boost patient engagement and education.
  • Reputation Management– Building a digital image of proctological excellence via testimonials and social media.

Much like the physician uses diagnostic procedures, like a colonoscopy, to preempt a colorectal emergency, so do we focus on a long-term approach to your digital marketing effort and stay away from the shortcuts that give you a quick boost at the expense of your practice’s health down the road. We are constantly studying new trends in the industry and updating our strategies accordingly, all so we can ensure that we are delivering you a solution that puts you in the best position for sustainable success. Just as you would never cut corners for your patients, we will never cut corners on your digital marketing. Our mission is to focus on your digital marketing success, so you can keep your focus on the colorectal health of your patients.

Affordable Digital Marketing for Colorectal Care Practices

We understand that the private proctology practice likely does not have the resources of a big-budget corporate hospital, and we strive to deliver colorectal physicians the maximum possible return for their investment. With PromoteMed, proctologists don’t have to drain their bank account to bolster their digital patient engagement and yet, they will still get the solutions to shine alongside and ahead of those larger hospitals. We invite you to contact us with all the questions you want to ask. Discuss your practice with us, and let us find the perfect strategy to help you meet your goals and needs. At PromoteMed we are committed to keep your digital marketing effort moving smoothly and facilitate a better outcome for your practice.

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