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Digital Marketing for Family DoctorsWhen it comes to healthcare, the family practitioner is on the front line, the first and the most trusted source of health information for the family unit. Except that, in today’s technological world, the family doctor is not the first source anymore. In fact, for over 70% of Americans today, that first source is the internet, as people turn to the convenience of their computer increasingly over visiting the doctor’s office. Where does that leaves today’s general practioner? Since fighting the technological revolution is an unwinnable battle, the best solution for family practices is to provide the information the patients are looking for, on the medium that their using. That means promoting your practice online, with an in-depth digital marketing effort. That is why PromoteMed is here.

Successful Family Practice Marketing is a Multi-Layered Effort

Good family practice marketing doesn’t mean one or two-site advertising effort. Indeed, as the American Academy of Family Physicians writes, you will need a strategic marketing plan. PromoteMed’s expert team of digital marketers has decades of combined experience working with healthcare clients, using our proven marketing solutions to deliver sustained success for practices of all sizes, and we’d love to help your practice too. While our solutions are customized to meet the needs of individual practices, our strategies focus on four main areas:

Yet, you can do this all yourself. Why spend your hard-earned money on PromoteMed? To start, digital marketing is a dynamic industry. The best practices continually evolve, and our team continually researches new trends, and constantly analyzes our processes to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge and able to deliver you the maximum return for your investment. With our expertise, we eliminate much of the ‘if’ factor out of healthcare marketing, and ensure that general medicine practices get the highest possible value from working with us. We know how focused you are on the health of the family. As such, our primary purpose is to deliver the best possible results for your marketing campaign, so you can keep your focus on that family health where it belongs.

PromoteMed Focuses on You, You Focus on the Family

We understand that you probably have questions, so we invite you to contact PromoteMed and discuss your practice with us. We’d love to answer all your queries and figure out how to tailor a strategy to best meet your family practice goals. Successful marketing does not need to require a big budget and we are here to prove it to you. With PromoteMed, you will see your primary care practice along-side deep-pocketed corporate hospitals.  We believe that practices should be judged based on quality of care, and not how much money they have, and thus we restate our purpose:  we focus on your marketing, so you can focus on your family care.

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