Pulmonologists Breathe Easy with Digital Marketing Solutions From PromoteMed

Pulmonologists Breathe Easy with PromoteMedAs pulmonologists you specialize in keeping your patients breathing freely, and any hiccup in lung function can send patients scurrying to find your services. Yet, while ten years ago that meant scouring a phone book, or asking a friend or doctor for a recommendation, today it’s as simple as running a quick Google search on a mobile phone. Indeed over 70% of American adults turn to the internet as their first stop when researching respiratory health information, and a pulmonary practice who does not work to engage these prospective patients on the web can find themselves struggling for air.  In today’s technological age, digital marketing is essential for pulmonologists to ensure that their practice is set up for sustained success. PromoteMed is ready to help you in that effort.

PromoteMed: A Prescription for the Pulmonary Practice

A healthcare-focused team of digital marketing experts, PromoteMed has helped practices across the country to facilitate digital patient engagement, and expand patient bases with proven strategies to improve the practices’ web presence. With many years of experience in the dynamic digital marketing industry, we constantly study the latest trends, and analyze our practices, in order to create the perfect strategy to help the pulmonology practice to meet their specific goals and needs. While we tailor our solution based on those individual needs, we base our strategy around four primary areas:

The need for an online presence may not be news to you. Most of today’s practices have websites and social media accounts, and have made efforts to use them to jumpstart their patient engagement efforts. So why should thoracic care providers invest their hard-earned dollars with PromoteMed? With the billions of dollars that are annually spent on quality lung treatment, our solutions are designed to deliver you the maximum return on your investment, ultimately saving you both in dollars and time. In short, we deliver you tangible results, while you get more time to focus on the lungs of your patients. At PromoteMed, we don’t know how to ease the pain of COPD or asthma as you do, but we know how to ease the headaches that the business aspects of your pulmonary practice can cause.

Saving Pulmonologists Money, So They Can Keep Saving Lives

Today hospitals are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars and hiring entire teams of marketing professionals to facilitate that patient engagement. At PromoteMed, we don’t believe that piles of money equal the best in respiratory care. We’re here to help the private practice pulmonologist and community-based facility to reach the patients alongside and ahead of those big-budget corporate giants. So contact PromoteMed today, ask us all of your questions, and share your vision with us. We’d like nothing more than to build the perfect strategy to help you achieve that vision. Breathe a sigh of relief, because much like your patient’s lungs are with your expert care, your digital marketing effort is in the best of hands.

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