The Hematology Oncology Practice’s Digital Marketing Solution

Digital Strategies for the Hematology Oncology PracticeHematologists literally care for the lifeblood of humanity as the diseases that wrack our cardiovascular system are never a matter to be taken lightly. With the dark confusion that comes along with blood-related diagnoses like anemia, leukemia, and lymphoma, the hematology oncology practice knows how vital patient education is. The hematological patient is desperate for answers that ease their suffering and keep them alive, and instead of blowing up their doctor’s phones outside of the office, they are increasingly turning to the internet. Just as hematologists have digital resources to expand their knowledge of blood-related disease, so you can and should provide resources for your patients. Many physicians are already aware of the necessity of patient engagement outside of the office, but can struggle finding the time and money to implement the digital marketing strategies necessary to facilitate that engagement. Luckily, PromoteMed is here to help with that.

Fostering Online Patient Engagement for Hematology Oncology Practices

A healthcare-focused team of digital marketing experts, PromoteMed specializes in boosting online patient engagement and education for hematology oncology practices and physicians of every healthcare specialty. We utilize vast research of recent trends and data-driven analysis of proven strategies to bring hematologists and patients together on the medium where the patients frequently are. When the hematology oncology practice tells us the goals and needs they have for their business, we tailor our solutions to create the ideal digital strategy to help them meet those needs. We craft the strategy around four central pillars:

  • Local Search Optimization– Placing your practice prominently in relevant local searches by prospective patients
  • Content Marketing– Answering patient questions and crafting compelling content that engages them.
  • Reputation Management– Sharing your reputation and skills in the digital space with testimonials and social media
  • Online Advertising– Spreading your hematology oncology name throughout the digital community.

Don’t Let an Anemic Digital Strategy Sink Your Practice

We understand that the time, money and effort needed to implement successful digital marketing strategies can give practices pause, but at PromoteMed, we focus on delivering solutions that maximize your practice’s investment, and give you the value and patient engagement success that only the internet can deliver. The numbers back up our efforts as well, if you consider the following:

  • Over 70% of American adults use internet searches as their primary medium for health information (Pew, 2012)
  • Testimonials are a major influencing factor for 88% of consumers when choosing who to go to (BrightLocal 2014)
  • 43% of physicians spend over three hours a week consuming disease-related digital content (ITG, 2014

The fact of the matter is, not only can you engage patients outside of the office with digital marketing, but with the right content you can also connect with physicians facilitating more referrals and boosting your digital hematologic reputation. PromoteMed has the tools and the expertise to position your hematology oncology practice for sustained success with a long-term digital marketing strategy. We encourage you to ask us any questions and reach out to us. Share your practice vision with us, and let us come up with the ideal solution to make your digital vision a reality. We know how crucial your work is, so let PromoteMed focus on your digital marketing, so you can keep your focus on your patients.

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