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Did you know there are over 100,000 licensed veterinarians in the United States? Of these, over 65,000 belong to a private practice. How is this relevant? Well if we break down the average, that equates to 1300 veterinarians per state. While the exact number obviously varies, the fact of the matter is clear. Your veterinary practice has a lot of competition. Yet pet owners, overwhelmingly go to one place when trying to find a new pet doctor. The internet.  As the most easily accessible hub of pet related information and guidance, your prospective clients are scouring the web to get answers and find a veterinarian they can trust. The For today’s veterinary doctors, digital marketing is essential to ensuring that pet owners can find your practice amidst a sea of vets, and marketing your veterinary practice with PromoteMed will help you ensure that they do.

Here at PromoteMed, we understand that when you’re focused on your animals, you don’t have the time nor the big budgets of corporate hospitals to put in to your veterinary marketing. By working with us, you won’t need to worry about that. Our proven practices and strategies are designed to ensure that your practice is at the forefront of your prospective client’s research.

Bringing Veterinary Physician and Animal Together with Digital Marketing

Just as you are experts in veterinary medicine and very skilled in the craft of animal health, as are we experts and getting the most out of your digital marketing potential. Our strategy for veterinarians focuses on four main areas

Why should you invest your hard-earned dollars with us? It’s simple. Veterinary medicine is a $16 billion industry. At least it was in 2012, when just accounting for dogs. The true number is very much higher, and PromoteMed is dedicated to delivering you a huge return on your investment while you remain dedicated to giving Fido superior veterinary care. With the digital space now being the primary means of consumer research and engagement, this is not only a smart decision, but an essential one for the success of your vet practice.

Further, in the dynamic world of digital marketing, PromoteMed’s expert knowledge of the industry keeps you always on the cutting edge. We monitor the latest Google updates, and constantly analyze and evaluate our methods, all the while ensuring that you are always using the latest and greatest strategies to expand your animal patient base.

Learn More About PromoteMed’s Strategies for Veterninarians

PromoteMed loves to help veterinary physicians meet their marketing goals, and we would love to help your practice too. Talk to us and we’ll be ecstatic to answer all your questions and discuss the best strategies to benefit your veterinarian digital marketing with Promote Med.  We look forward to taking care of your digital marketing, so you can keep taking care of our pets.

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